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For an established, experienced Barrister in Tauranga, contact Viv

Do you have to go to Court in Tauranga for a criminal or traffic offence?

With over 26 years’ experience from a wide variety of criminal and traffic cases, Viv can provide professional, prompt and affordable help with criminal and traffic charges, including Limited Licences to get you back on the road driving if you have lost your drivers’ licence through disqualification or demerits suspension.

Viv’s office is at 98 Cameron Road, Tauranga - 100m South of the Tauranga District Court.

Contact Viv on 0800-LAW MAN (0800-529-626) for more information.

Traffic offences - drink or drug driving, dangerous or reckless or careless driving (including causing injury or death), sustained loss of traction or illegal street racing, driving while disqualified or suspended, vehicle impounding or confiscation and sale, truck driving & logbook offences, Limited (work or temporary) Licences, and Alcohol Interlock Licences.

Drug charges - possession for sale or supply, selling, cultivation, manufacturing, conspiracy.

Violence - assault, injuring, wounding, threatening, breaches of Protection Orders.

Dishonesty & property offences - theft, benefit or insurance fraud, burglary, car conversion, arson, wilful damage.

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